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Keyralithian Chronicles: The Ivory Queen (Forthcoming)

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Deirdre has made it through the first part of her journey, but she still has a long way to go.

After making her way to the southern part of Keyralithsmus, Deirdre is preparing to cross the desert in hopes of finding the lost shaper clans and learning the answer to the secret that she has come so far to find.

Once they are across the desert, the centaur shaman, K'ha Vrenil, has promised to guide them through the jungle beyond the mountains. Setting off with the shaman; the white wolf, Nersh; the thief, Jack Parns, and his partner, Rontil; and the rogue minotaur, Tor, Deirdre finds herself struggling to gain complete control over her powers and understand her growing bond with Tor.

With the prospect of having to choose which world she really belongs in, Deirdre makes her way towards reaching her final goal - that of calling the members of the powerful Dragon Clan and of mastering her own gifts of magic and shape shifting. Her completion of the quest will bring her face to face with her own fears and lead her to find out what and who she was truly meant to be.

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