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Forever Demond (Forthcoming)

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Sometimes, people are more than they appear to be. Sometimes, they aren't even human, but that is the part about them that matters the least of all.

Marcy Collins has traveled from the States to the outskirts of Rome to help the professor she works for excavate the recently-discovered catacomb tied to the ruin of a nearby monastery. When a strange, nighttime encounter with an intruder at the dig stirs her curiosity, Marcy begins to discover that the ties between the man, one Francis De Mond, and the old manuscript found within the tomb are intricately entwined. While Marcy begins to discover pieces to De Mond's life, the manuscript finds its way into the possession of the one person capable of destroying De Mond. As the manuscript is slowly deciphered, it becomes apparent to the world-class museum curator that De Mond may hold the key to a missing Nazi treasure, and he takes it upon himself to threaten De Mond's very existence.

When Marcy finally realizes the truth, she finds herself to be the unlikely liaison between the forces in the Vatican trying to help De Mond, and this mysterious man who has captured her imagination. When the curator, bent on the destruction of all De Mond holds dear, breaks the glamour that protects De Mond, it falls to Marcy to prove to De Mond that his faith in her has not been misplaced as she struggles to save his very existence.

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