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The Crystal Pawn

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The Crystal Pawn

When Deirdre is ultimately confronted with her role in the future of the country and with the forces of the enemy, she must decide whether to continue her quest or to return to the safety of her own world. The choice Deirdre makes could ultimately be her last.


During the Author Fair, Deb Jarvis, Author of Crystal Pawn had the opportunity to read from their work aloud in the Speaker’s Corner.


Deirdre Hawes has always dreamed of meeting her father, but the reality of who he is and where he is from exceeds her wildest imagination.

The reunion certainly does not go as she had imagined when she finds herself asked to take her place as the heir to her father’s Shaper clan. Accepting the invitation, Deirdre finds herself brought a magical land on the verge of a religious war with a neighboring country, and a civil war between its magical beings and the human inhabitants.

The task requested of Deirdre seems simple: act as the heir to her clan’s magical bloodline. In order to do this, she must step into her role, including appearing to be available to marry into the royal house, thus binding the two factions and giving the rulers of the country time to find other solutions to the pending crises. Her actual decision of what to do is nowhere near as simple. If she is truly to succeed, she needs to find something that will stop the war. To that end, Deirdre must leave to find a fabled clan of shapeshifters rumored to hold the key to stopping the war. Setting off into the wilderness with a group of disenchanted nobles and magical beings, Deirdre struggles to also master her own inherent magical abilities, without which there will be no hope of success if the old tales are to be believed.


The Ivory Queen 
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On the run from the forces attempting to take over the country, Deirdre and her companions must cross the desert and enter the jungles to find a lost tribe of her kinsmen who hold the key to her being able to call the dragons and end the war. She also has to master her burgeoning powers and find a way to succeed with ever increasing forces allying against her as she races the clock to save what has become her home.

Ebon King

Cut off from the people she loves the most, Deirdre must devise a plan to rescue her love and find a way to bring the Ebon King to the southern lands as only he can unite the country against the invading forces threatening their homeland from within and without. Only with the help of a some unexpected friends will she accomplish her goals to finally save Keyralithsmus and restore peace to all inhabitants human and magical. 

Deb Jarvis: Forever Demond
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Forever Demond

Sometimes, people are more than they appear to be. Sometimes, they aren't even human, but that is the part about them that matters the least of all.

Marcy Collins has traveled from the States to the outskirts of Rome to help the professor she works for excavate the recently-discovered catacomb tied to the ruin of a nearby monastery. When a strange, nighttime encounter with an intruder at the dig stirs her curiosity, Marcy begins to discover that the ties between the man, one Francis De Mond, and the old manuscript found within the tomb are intricately entwined. While Marcy begins to discover pieces to De Mond's life, the manuscript finds its way into the possession of the one person capable of destroying De Mond. As the manuscript is slowly deciphered, it becomes apparent to the world-class museum curator that De Mond may hold the key to a missing Nazi treasure, and he takes it upon himself to threaten De Mond's very existence.

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Verified Purchase- Reviewed in the United States on September 29, 2020

- Absolute Page-turner

This was a fantastic read. Keyralithsmus is such a rich, fascinating world, you'll feel like you're there yourself. All in all, a beautifully written fantasy adventure that had me on the edge of my seat. Highly recommend!

-Amazon Customer

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